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Studio Director Position

Read the Job Description for the Prodigal Pottery Studio Director below and fill out the form at the bottom for additional information/ways to apply.

Prodigal Pottery Studio Director Job Description


Reports To: Executive Director of Prodigal Pottery

The Studio Director will report to Prodigal Pottery Executive Director, but will work alongside and in conjunction with the Prodigal Pottery Wholesale Director and Sales Director.

Job Overview

The Prodigal Pottery Studio Director will work exclusively directing and leading the staff of Prodigal Pottery. The main priority for this position is to offer direct ministry and care to the women we employ who are fleeing homelessness, domestic abuse and sex-trafficking. The Studio Director will direct all day-to-day operations of the Prodigal Pottery studio, while making sure that our employees are being equipped and empowered through direct ministry and care in the name of Jesus.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Directing all daily operations of the Prodigal Pottery studio. Including but not limited to:

    • Directing and managing pottery staff and making sure they are staying on task with all of their assigned duties.

    • Quality control of all pottery, and making sure items are being produced in a timely and satisfactory manner.

    • Keeping of kiln schedule and making sure items are being properly loaded/unloaded and stored.

    • Implementing daily cleaning schedule.

    • Making sure the Sales Manager has the necessary support she needs to fill orders/get orders out on time for customers.

    • Answering the phone, directing calls to appropriate staff members.

  • Staff Management. Including but not limited to:

    • Documenting and turning in all staff time sheets and keeping track of staff schedule and hours allotted.

    • Approving and scheduling staff vacation and personal days.

    • Implementing system of attendance for staff and holding them accountable to their scheduled days and hours.

  • Planning and implementing ministry program. Including but not limited to:

    • Planning essential training for our staff (financial training classes, parenting classes, other classes that would fall under the category of training and encouragement)

    • Planning and implementing team bonding and staff growth experiences.

    • Planning and implementing small groups, bible studies etc, which are essential for the ministry we hope to achieve with Prodigal Pottery.

  • Direct Ministry with Staff Members: Including but not limited to:

    • Monthly check-ins with each staff member to discuss: their successes, the areas they need to be working more in, their questions, concerns and personal needs.

    • Staff evaluations every six months, which will only be achieved well if there is a close relationship formed between Studio Director and each member of the Prodigal Pottery staff.

    • Open door policy: when the women need to talk, discuss personal matters/professional manners, the Studio Director will have an open door policy for all conversations and said conversations will be of utmost importance.


  • Preferred 5+ years of direct ministry experience.

  • Preferred experience in the field of pottery (but not essential)

  • College Degree preferred.

  • Heart for ministry and heart for those in need.

  • Committed follower of Jesus Christ.

  • Self-starter who requires little to no direction and can take full initiative at running the Prodigal Pottery studio when other members of the team are not present.

  • Strong leadership ability.

  • Strong skills in directing and delegating.

  • Skilled at conflict resolution and the ability to take a strong approach with interpersonal issues that may arise with Prodigal Pottery staff. Does not show timidity when handling conflict, but is able to confront it head on with firmness and constructive direction.

  • Strong communication skills and ability to work well with a team.

  • Organized and skilled at keeping schedules.

  • Task oriented.

  • Good at creative problem solving.

  • Good time management.

The Prodigal Pottery Studio Director is an essential member of the Prodigal Pottery staff, providing the piece of direct ministry which is the foundation of the work we do at Prodigal Pottery. The most essential thing we are looking for in the person to fill this position is a heart for ministry and desire to work very directly with women who are in need, who are hurting, and who need love and direction. The three pillars of what we are trying to accomplish at Prodigal Pottery is that we would successfully employ, equip and empower women in need. We employ by providing dignified work for women with limited opportunity. We equip by teaching skills needed for growth and success. We empower by creating and environment for women to grow in their self-worth, strength and purpose.


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