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We would love to hear from you! We try to be as responsive as possible, so shoot us a message and we will get back with you. Thank you for your interest in providing Handmade Hope to women in need with Prodigal Pottery. 

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Host a Trunk Show


Host a Trunk Show with Prodigal Pottery

 Ready to Host?

If you want more information on hosting a Trunk Show with Prodigal Pottery, please fill out the form below. We want to answer all your questions! If you would rather e-mail us directly, feel free to contact our Community Outreach Director, Tosha at

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When should I start planning my Trunk Show?

The farther in advance you can plan your show, the better! But, for those of you who aren't looking to put something on the calendar six months out, usually a month or two is plenty of time to get the word out to friends. Please keep in mind that we do require at least one months notice for any Trunk Show so we can get the products to you in time.

I'm worried I don't have enough space to host! What do I do?

No matter the size of your living space, you can definitely host a show with a little creativity. However, if you truly don't feel comfortable hosting a show in your home, consider hosting one at your church or another community space, such as a coffee shop.

Do I need to provide refreshments?

That is totally up to you and the group of friends you hope to invite to your trunk show!


Why should I host a Trunk Show?

At Prodigal Pottery, we believe in empowering women through creating stable and therapeutic jobs. Through hosting a Trunk Show with us, you are giving us an opportunity to share our ministry and passion with others in the community and around the country. You are also giving us an opportunity to sell our products, which, in turn, allows us to create more jobs for women in need. Hosting a Trunk Show is one of the best ways that you can support our work here at Prodigal Pottery! Plus, it's fun!

Do I receive any sort of discount for hosting a Trunk Show?

Yes! As a special "thank-you" for opening up your living space to us, you will receive 40% off all Prodigal Pottery products you buy during the show. (Please note that this discount applies only to products bought by the host, not the guests.) We hope you'll take advantage of this awesome discount! In addition, if you sell over a certain amount at your trunk show, you will receive a gift card worth a certain percentage of FREE Prodigal Pottery.

When can I host a Trunk Show?

Anytime! Because we recently changed our Trunk Show model and are offering Trunk Shows out of State, sky is the limit on when you want to host a show!

How can I get the word out about my Trunk Show?

We suggest sending invitations out (we can help provide promotional materials), whether you are using e-mails or old-fashioned snail mail, three weeks in advance. Sharing your event on social media can also be helpful, as can reminding your friends about the event as the date draws closer. If you want to host a public Trunk Show, we can also advertise your event on our website and through our mailing list.

Can I host a trunk show outside of Alabama?

Absolutely! With our new Trunk Show setup, you can host a trunk show from anywhere in the nation! We just prepare a box (or boxes) of items for you to sell at your show and ship them to you, very detailed instructions of how to sell and setup, and the rest is just a fun night for you! If you are out of state and interested in hosting, email our Community Outreach Director Tosha at

Will Prodigal Pottery have a representative at my Trunk Show?

Not necessarily. If you are local, and we are able to attend, we would love to be there! But if we aren’t able to attend, not to fear, we have an extensive guide to hosting a trunk show with step by step guidelines. For more details on that, email our Community Outreach Director, Tosha at